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*Pre-Order* Servita Build Kit

*Pre-Order* Servita Build Kit

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Missed the Kickstarter? No worries!

After hitting over 200% of our goal during our Kickstarter campaign we have decided to release the Kit as a presale through our own website as well!

Currently all preorders are scheduled to ship along with the Kickstarter kits in July. If you're not familiar with the project, keep on reading!

At the heart of our team lies a fundamental belief: the essence of technology is creativity. We want to share this ideal with others, and we believe the Servita demonstrates exactly that. 

The Servita is a fully customizable platform to create your own personal beverage assistant that serves your drink "The Tony Stark way" according to the thousands of commenters online. With nearly 10,000 responses on our survey, people largely voted they wanted a kit, so we are releasing exactly that!

At the heart of the Solera Devboard is the ESP32. We chose this for many reasons: 

  • Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE connectivity
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Variety of I/O capabilities
  • Low power consumption

Along with this, the ESP32 is one of the most popular chips on the market, meaning massive 3rd party support and compatibility for nearly any integration.


All Servita devices, be it the kit or the full device, come preprogrammed and ready to go. 

What does the pre-programmed firmware support?

The basic firmware includes button control for calling for a drink, and a webpage interface for changing settings. Additional integrations, like smart home control, involve some custom setup, and/or 3rd party integrations.

With the Servita firmware being open source, all firmware that drives the integrations seen in the videos posted online is being made readily available. All firmware options will be available here and can be uploaded to your Servita device through the USB-C port! 

Of course you always have the ability to build out a custom firmware from scratch or based on existing code. The ESP32 can be programmed with a variety of development environments. The ESP32 is also compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be used just like your favorite devboards. Pinouts and other documentation to support your project is available in the build guide.

Along with this we wanted to build a community around the Servita device where people can share their own code, builds, and integrations. If you want to be part of the community, we highly encourage you to join the Servita discord.

This project has only been made possible thanks to the massive support of the online community. Because of this, we decided to stick to the roots of the project and release this new project with fully open-source firmware. 

We have already built many integrations for the Servita. These allow for functionality such as; Smart Home Integration, an IoT mobile app, ServitaDuo Expansion, and a fully offline version for those who really don't like Wi-Fi/Connected devices (That's right, we have read all of your emails asking for this!) 

We are always working on new integrations for the Servita, and all of these are made available through an online repository (GitHub of course). But we made sure you don't have to rely on us to release the integration you are looking for. There is nothing worse than finding out a feature you want is "Not yet on the roadmap" when reaching out to a company. That's why the Servita was designed with goal of allowing people to build on top of what exists and expand in any way they want. Although the Servita works "out of the box", the ability to make the Servita your own is nearly endless. Leaving the device open to be built upon, allows you to integrate with anything in whatever way you want!



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